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Mnemonic – A bad horror film i hate


Word – Abhor


Meaning – hate, detest


Part of Speech – verb


Synonyms – abominate, despise, loathe


Antonyms – like, love, admire, adore


Abhor sentences

1   “People who abhor solitude may abhor company almost as much.” (in a quote by Mason Cooley – a well known American aphorist)

Note – An aphorism is an original thought, spoken or written in a laconic (concise) and memorable form. Aphorism literally means a “distinction” or “definition”. (Source – Wikipedia)

2   If confusion and disorder angers good citizens, why should we not abhor the disorder in the world financial system.

3   He has joined the movement because he abhors corruption in all forms.

4   She absolutely abhors men who beat their wives.


Abhorred sentences

1   The ancient Greek elites abhorred the idea of working for a living.

2   For ages humans have abhorred other fellow humans and built up a society based on racism, communal-ism, prejudice and greed.


Abhorrence Sentence

1   If you have an abhorrence of excessive violence you would like to avoid films like Hostel and Kill Bill.


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