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Mnemonic – A body is the home of your soul


Word – Abode


Meaning – home


Part of Speech – noun


Synonyms – habitation, residence


Abode Sentences

1   The Greeks believed that Mt. Olympus was the abode of the Gods.

2   Having left the hustle bustle of city life he had decided to make the small town his abode.

3   He was so engrossed in his research during the time that he had made the local library his second abode.

4   He was nervous and dusted the furniture as he welcomed the queen to his humble abode.

5   This place is considered to be the abode of an Indian God and hence this temple is being built here.

6   For her the church was an abode of peace and quiet and she would wait there for hours, sitting in the corner.


Under the Lens – Difference between Abode and Home

Home refers to a place where one resides permanently and for which one has a certain affection and loyalty. It also often refers to the place where one is born and brought up.

Abode is a more literary term for home. But unlike home, abode may refer to a hotel room, cottage etc. where one is staying temporarily.


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