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A bridge has managed to shorten the distance between Paris and the Mediterranean coast of France by 100 kms.

A bridge has managed to reduce the travel time between Paris and the Mediterranean coast of France by 4hrs.


Word – Abridge



a) to shorten

b) to reduce


Part of Speech – verb


Synonyms – abbreviate, shorten


Antonyms – lengthen, increase, enlarge, expand


Abridge Sentences

1   Any law that abridges our fundamental rights of freedom cannot be accepted.

2   The board decided to abridge the high school syllabus after complaints from the parents.

3   Her boss asked her to abridge her presentation so that it didn’t exceed the allotted time.


Abridged Sentences

1   I prefer to read the abridged versions of novels but many novels do not have the option.

2   Could you forward me the abridged versions of the e-mails we have been sending to our clients.


Abridging Sentence

1   The new exercise at school aimed at abridging the generation gap between children and their parents.


Under the Lens – Abridged and Unabridged

It is often written on the cover of a novel whether it is abridged or unabridged. You must have now figured out the difference. An unabridged novel is the full work as written by the author. An abridged version of the novel is one which is shortened and covers only the essential parts. Personally I am not a fan of abridged versions as they often kill the essence of the novel.


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