Agape Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ Agape Sentences

Mnemonic Video

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Mnemonic Dictionary


Mnemonic – A grape eaten by an open mouthed girl


Word – Agape


Meaning – open mouthed


Part of Speech – Verb


Agape sentences

1   The stunts performed by Evel Knievel left the audience agape.

2   She was left agaped when she discovered that it was her best friend who had betrayed her.

3   Usain Bolt’s feat at the 2008 Beiging Olympics left the world agaped. (using agaped to describe an event)

4   The breathtaking beauty of the Iguazu Falls often leaves its visitors agape.

5   Gollum would often wash the ring and wipe it on his waist cloth, then stare at it agape for minutes at a time.


Agape – Noun Form

As a noun agape refers to unselfish love of one person for another without sexual implications. It may also denote the love of God or Christ for humankind or the reciprocal love of humans for God. Agape may also refer to love feast; a meal eaten in token of brotherly love or charity among early Christians.


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