A Summary of the Powers of the Greek God Ares

Ares is an Ancient Greek God known for his representation of violent, militarized and untamed aspect of war. Specifically, he was the god of chaotic war, bloodshed, violence and strife. Due to this, he was not as popular as the other deities in ancient Greece and the Greeks were, at best, ambivalent towards him. Ares possessed the powers of the Olympian Gods which include super-human strength; immortality; eternal youth; and shape-shifting. As the God of War, Ares had exemplary strategic skills, power of persuasion and combat ability. Here is an overview of the major powers of the Greek God Ares.

Olympian God

Son of Zeus and Hera, the King and Queen of the Gods, Ares one of the twelve major Olympian Gods. The Olympians managed to become the supreme deities after a 10 year long struggle known as Titanomachy. In this struggle, Zeus, the father of Ares, led his siblings to victory over the Titans who were the ruling deities at the time. Although there are a number of immortal residents at Mount Olympus, only 12 of them are considered the most important ones. These include Ares. All the Olympian gods are immortal, including Ares. Moreover, like most Greek deities, Ares had the gift of eternal youth, which meant that, unlike mortals, he would always look young and handsome.

The twelve Olympian gods
Fragment of a Hellenistic relief depicting the twelve Olympians

Super Human Strength

Ares possesses many other powers of a God. Although, he is not physically strongest of the ancient Greek deities, he possesses super-human strength. Once, he slew Halirrhothius, the Athenian son of Poseidon; for violating his daughter, Alcippe. He is capable of running and moving at great speed; resistant to physical injury; possesses limitless physical stamina; is immune to all known earthly diseases and can communicate in all languages and dialects. Moreover, he can also call other gods; summon weapons from Olympus; and transport himself by teleportation to Olympus and to Earth at will.

The Ludovisi Ares
The Ludovisi Ares – Roman version of a Greek original

God of War

As a God of War, Ares took pleasure in the spirit of battle with the personification of sheer brutality. The spear and the sword were his signature weapons. As such, Ares is always shown carrying a sheathed sword or a spear, indicating his all-time readiness to unleash the inner warrior. He is also often shown wearing a helmet, metal breastplate, armored boots; and carrying a shield. Moreover, Ares is sometimes shown riding his four-horse chariot and is accompanied by dogs or vultures; animals associated with him. He is also sometimes accompanied by his fearsome sons Phobos and Deimos.

Expertise In Warfare

In relation to war, Ares has a genius level intellect. He is also a master war combatant. He has impeccable expertise in a variety of hand-to-hand combat skills. Ares also has complete control over every weapon, allowing him to wield every weapon with superhuman accuracy and expertise. Due to his immortality, Ares can’t be hurt by conventional weapons, but only by magical or divine weapons. Moreover, he is naturally skilled in all forms of warfare and their strategies.

Statue of Ares
Statue of Ares from Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli, Italy


Ares could perform Odikinesis, the ability to manipulate feelings and emotions of war such as hate and rage. He frequently induced them in order to manipulate war, strife, combat and other forms of conflicts. He is also able to influence all forms of conflict, including mental, physical, spiritual and conceptual ones; within an enormously large radius, ranging from a city to an entire continent.

The Death of Adonis (1709)
The Death of Adonis (1709) – Giuseppe Mazzuoli


In Greek mythology, many gods and goddesses possess the ability to shape-shift, or physically transform oneself. Ares can also shape-shift at will. When Aphrodite fell in love with a mortal named Adonis, Ares became so enraged with jealousy that he shape shifted into a boar and killed Adonis with his tusks. Moreover, Ares also possess the power to transform another individual into a creature. Once, he transformed his son, Tereus, into a hawk, so that he could exact vengeance on Prokne and Philomela for killing his another son, Itys.

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