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Mnemonic – a crooked screw


Word – askew


Meaning – crooked, slanted


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – bent, awry, curved, twisted


Antonyms – straight, upright


Askew sentences

1   It was a great day until the heavy downpour when all our plans went sadly askew.

2   After he got the entire house to work at it for an hour, Uncle Podger’s picture was still hanging askew.

3   It was a great house design by Frank and the customers were particularly impressed by the fact that it looked rather askew.

4   There is something about wearing a baseball cap askew that makes it so popular in fashion.

5   He was so drunk after the party that the entire world seemed askew.

6   Even after many hours spent on the job, the picture hung by Uncle Podger was askew.


Under the Lens: Askew and Skew

As a verb skew means to take an oblique course. But as an adjective skew also means slanted; just like askew. So if by chance you don’t pronounce the a of askew, don’t worry, you have still said the same thing.


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