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Mnemonic –  Big ass usageTo make milder the pain of sitting on a rough surface


Word – assuage


Meaning – To make milder


Part of Speech – verb


Synonyms – lessen, alleviate


Antonyms – make severe, upset, exacerbate


Assuage sentences

1   An aspirin will assuage your headache until the doctor arrives.

2   Sindbad was brave and took over the ship during the storm; this assuaged the fears of the sailors and they simply followed his orders.

3   He had accidentally killed a young boy; now to assuage his guilt he decided to adopt a child and raise him to be a good man.

4   In an attempt to assuage the fear in the masses the king announced that no taxes will be levied in these times of trouble.

5   How may you assuage someone pain if you do not feel any empathy for him.

6   Only time can assuage the grief due to the loss of someone close to you.


Under the Lens: Difference between Assuage and Alleviate

Both these words suggest a reduction in intensity of something undesirable.

Alleviate suggests partial relief, as in, something has become easier to bear.

Ex The medicine alleviated the pain in my stomach.

Assuage is more usually used for bodily sensations, emotions etc. It usually suggests that the discomfort is nearer to being relieved.

Ex He drank all the water in the flask to assuage his thirst.


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