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Mnemonic - bad in 'age of darkness' any playful talks or jokes

Note - think of an 'age of darkness' where anyone caught cracking jokes is punished


Word - badinage



a) playful talk or jokes

b) humorous conversation


Part of Speech - noun


Synonyms - banter, raillery, repartee


Antonyms - serious talk


Badinage sentences

1   The audience loved the play primarily because of the badinage between the two main characters.

2   He used to engage in badinage with his employees to keep them in a good mood.

3   Good music and witty badinage between the two radio jockeys made the show a worldwide hit.

4   The romantic badinage between them made me infer that they were a couple.

5   Whenever I met her we used to engage in a badinage even before we greeted each other.



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