Bevy Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ bevy sentences


Do some bird watching as you improve your vocab. 

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Mnemonic – One bird light. Group of birds heavy


Word – bevy


Meaning – A large group


Part of Speech – noun


Synonyms – flock, swarm, bunch


Antonyms – individual, one, single


Bevy sentences

1   The new laptop comes with a bevy of interesting features to entice you.

2   During the spring season many bevies of birds may be spotted near the Dal Lake in the Kashmir valley.

3   The Hefner house always boasts of a bevy of attractive women.

4   The Hummingbird feeder outside the house attracts a bevy of birds.

5   A bevy of students had gathered to protest against corruption.


Under the Lens: Bevy, Flock and Swarm

All these words are used to refer to a large group. While bevy is literally, a group of birds, swarm is a group of bees and flock is a group of sheep, goats or birds.


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