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Mnemonic - Blunt edge on heavy headed weapon


Word - Bludgeon



a) heavy headed weapon

b) to hit with a heavy club (mostly used in this reference)

b) a thick stick with a heavy end


Part of Speech - Noun


Synonyms - club, mace, cudgel


Bludgeon sentences

1   The infamous robbers would break in at night and bludgeon the people to death in their sleep.

2   The powerful bludgeon or mace carried by Lord Hanuman was feared the world over. (used in describing a mythological god)

3   The nuclear powers often bludgeon other countries into submission.


Bludgeoned sentences

1   Mad in anger he bludgeoned his neighbors car with a baseball bat.

2   Watching the film was like being bludgeoned for two hours with loud comedy and senseless screenplay.


Bludgeoning sentence

1   Advertisements keep bludgeoning the same message to the consumer's mind and create a need to buy.



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