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Mnemonic – Bulls Cows Lik(c)e characteristics of rural areas and their inhabitants.


Word – Bucolic



a) characteristics of rural areas and their inhabitants

b) rustic and pastoral


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – pastoral, rustic, agrarian, rural


Antonyms – urban


Bucolic sentences

1   He preferred the bucolic life in the rural areas now, after spending years in the metropolitan.

2   The greedy hoteliers are now targeting the bucolic landscapes of the countryside and selling it to the high income city dwellers looking for quiet.

3   The bucolic life in the villages of India is difficult without proper electricity, water and dwindling land resources per family.

4   He was looking for the bucolic settings of an Afghan village for his new feature film.

5   The beautiful riverside town of Pirsa had a bucolic feel and some amazing food to offer.

6   The bucolic painting reminded me of my village.


Under the Lens: Bucolic, Pastoral and Rustic, Noun forms

All these words as adjectives mean characteristic of rural areas. As nouns rustic and bucolic mean a country person. These two words have a neutral tone unlike some other words used for a country person, like hayseed and yokel, which are derogatory. Pastoral as a noun is a literary or other artistic work that portrays the rural life.


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