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Mnemonic – car leans to one side




Meaning – lean to one side


Part of Speech – verb


Synonyms – lean, sway, bend, lurch


Antonyms – straighten


Careen sentences

1   The van was speeding and braked too quickly, causing the vehicle to careen out of control.

2   The driver was killed when the car continued to careen and crashed into the tree.


Careened sentences

1   It was a dangerous turn and many cars had careened off the road and down the hill.

2   As the terrorists entered the building the situation careened quickly out of control.

3   The vehicle careened while turning and everyone held their breath till it came back on four wheels.


Careening sentence

1   The impact was enough for the truck to send the car careening off the cliff into the river below.


Careening (Sailing)

Careening is done by leaning a sailing vessel to one side usually for cleaning, caulking or repairing. It is done by

beaching the vessel in high tide. Pirates would often careen their ships because they had no access to dry docks.


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