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Articles about achievements and contributions of people and civilizations including kings, queens, scientists, leaders, US presidents, revolutionaries, icons, Chinese dynasties, etc.

Louis Pasteur Contribution Featured

10 Major Contributions of Louis Pasteur

  Louis Pasteur (1822 - 1895) was a French scientist, whose discoveries provided clear evidence relating germs to diseases, paving the way for a golden era in bacteriology in which the causes of many diseases...
Booker T Washington Accomplishments Featured

10 Major Accomplishments of Booker T. Washington

  Booker Taliaferro Washington (1856 – 1915) was an American educator, author and orator who became one of the most prominent leaders of the African Americans in the late 19th and early 20th century. Washington...
Rosa Parks Accomplishments Featured

10 Major Accomplishments of Rosa Parks

  Rosa Louise McCauley Parks (1913 – 2005) was an African American civil rights activist who in 1955 famously refused to give up her bus seat launching the influential Montgomery bus boycott. Parks began her...

10 Major Accomplishments of Sir Francis Drake

  Sir Francis Drake was an English explorer who is most famous for his circumnavigation of the earth which made him the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe in a single expedition. He paved the...
Martin Luther King Jr Accomplishments Featured

10 Major Accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr.

  Martin Luther King is famous for leading the American Civil Rights Movement and fighting against discrimination of African Americans in the United States. Here are 10 prominent accomplishments of one of the greatest leaders...
Muhammad Ali Accomplishments Featured

10 Major Accomplishments of Muhammad Ali

  Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. (1942 – 2016), who later changed his name to Muhammad Ali, was an American boxer who is not only widely regarded as one of the best boxers in history but...
Winston Churchill Accomplishments Featured

10 Major Accomplishments of Winston Churchill

  Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965) is most famous for leading Great Britain successfully during the Second World War. Although he lost the elections after the war, Churchill did serve a second term as Prime...
John Quincy Adams Accomplishments Featured

10 Major Accomplishments of John Quincy Adams

  John Quincy Adams (1767 - 1848) served as U.S. ambassador to several countries under various presidents, including his father John Adams, before becoming Secretary of State under President James Monroe. He is considered one...
Thomas Jefferson Accomplishments Featured

10 Major Accomplishments of Thomas Jefferson

  Thomas Jefferson served as the third President of the United States from 1801 to 1809. Among other things, he was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, facilitated the Louisiana Purchase which nearly...
Inca Achievements Featured

10 Major Achievements of The Ancient Inca Civilization

  The term Inka means "ruler" or "lord" in Quechua, the main language of the Inca Empire. It was used to refer to the ruling class of the empire but the Spanish, who conquered and...

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