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2010 Haiti Earthquake Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About The 2010 Haiti Earthquake

  The devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010 caused widespread damage to a country already suffering from poor conditions and a number of catastrophic events in previous years. Measuring a massive 7.0 on the...
Zeus Facts Featured

Zeus | 10 Interesting Facts About The Greek God

  Zeus was the king of the gods in ancient Greek religion. He was the god of the sky, lightning and thunder; and the most prominent symbols associated with him are the thunderbolt, eagle, bull...
French Revolution Robespierre Featured

Role of Maximilien Robespierre During The French Revolution

  Born on May 6, 1758 in Arras, France, Maximilien de Robespierre was the son of a lawyer. During his years at school and college, he was inspired by Roman philosophers like Cicero and Cato;...
Cleopatra Facts Featured

Cleopatra | 10 Facts On The Famous Egyptian Queen

  Cleopatra was born in 70 or 69 B.C. and was the eldest daughter of Ptolemy XII (Auletes), the Pharaoh of Egypt. Her mother is believed to be Cleopatra V Tryphaena, the king’s wife (and...
Mary Queen of Scots Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About Mary Queen of Scots

  Mary, Queen of Scots, was a prominent figure in 16th century Europe who reigned over Scotland from 14 December 1542 to 24 July 1567. She was also Queen Consort of France for a brief...
Hadrians Wall Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About Hadrian’s Wall

  Built by the Roman Army on the orders of Emperor Hadrian, the Hadrian Wall was the North West frontier of the Roman Empire for close to 300 years. It was built in 6 years...
Chernobyl Disaster Facts Featured

10 Facts About The Disaster At The Chernobyl Nuclear Plant

  The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is stationed near the city of Pripyat in Ukraine, which was formerly part of the Soviet Union. The nuclear power station is 14.5 km northwest of the city of...
French Revolution Napoleon Featured

Role of Napoleon Bonaparte During The French Revolution

  Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 – 1821) graduated from the prestigious Royal Military School of Paris in 1785 and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the La Fère artillery regiment of France. His initial military career...
Salvador Dali Facts Featured

Salvador Dali | 10 Facts About The Famous Surrealist Artist

  Salvador Dali (1904 – 1989) was one of the greatest and most successful artists of the 20th century. He was also one of the most colorful personalities of the period known for his eccentricities...
Roman Soldier Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts On Ancient Roman Soldiers

  Ancient Roman soldiers may be divided into two main types, legionaries and auxiliaries. The former were citizens of Rome while the latter were not. There were 12 major ranks which a Roman soldier could...

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