Andy Warhol Interesting Facts Featured

Andy Warhol | 10 Interesting Facts About The Pop Artist

 Andy Warhol was a renowned American artist who was the leading figure of the Pop Art Movement that emerged in the 1950s and became the dominant art movement of the time. Warhol created some...
Why Is The Sky Blue On Earth Featured

Detailed Explanation of Why Is The Sky Blue On Earth

 When you turn off the lights of your room everything becomes dark. Now if there is a firefly in the room it looks bright but everything around is still dark and looks black. As...
Xi Jinping Facts Featured

Xi Jinping | 10 Facts About The President of China

 At the 18th Communist Party Congress on 8 November 2012 it was decided that Xi Jinping will become the next president of People's Republic of China. He took over reins from Hu Jintao on...
Barack Obama Facts Featured

10 Fun Facts For Kids About U.S. President Barack Obama

 Barack Obama as you all know is the first African American president of the United States of America. On November 6, 2012 he was elected for a second term as president when he defeated...
James Bond Facts Featured

007 Interesting Facts About James Bond

 #001 The creator of Bond was an intelligence officerThe character James Bond was created in 1953 by British author Ian Fleming. Ian was also an officer in the British naval intelligence and a journalist....
Marathon Featured

Marathon | 5 Interesting Facts

 Marathon is a common occurrence in the modern world. There are marathons for various causes held throughout the year in various places. Marathon is also a major event in the Olympic Games. Here are...
Nadia Comaneci Facts Featured

Nadia Comaneci – The Girl Who Achieved Perfection

 Nadia Comaneci created a sensation in the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics when she dazzled the judges with her performance to the extent that they had no choice but to give her a score of...
Wilma Rudolph Facts Featured Image

Wilma Rudolph – The Tennessee Tornado

 Wilma Rudolph's rise to become an Olympic champion is one of the most marvelous exploits in the history of sports. It remains and will remain in years to come a source of inspiration for...
Jesse Owens Featured Image

James Cleveland Owens – James Versus Goliath

 Jesse Owens was an African American athlete who is most famous for his performance at the Berlin Summer Olympics of 1936 where he won four gold medals and for many crushed Hitler's theory of...
Olympic Flame Featured

The Olympic Flame – Connecting Modern And Ancient Olympics

 The Olympic flame is an important symbol of the Olympic games. Know about the origin, history and relevance of the Olympic flame as well as the tradition of the flame in modern Olympics through...

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