Marathon | 5 Interesting Facts

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  Marathon is a common occurrence in the modern world. There are marathons for various causes held throughout the year in various places. Marathon is also a major event in the Olympic Games. Here are 5 interesting facts about the origin, history and tradition of the marathon as well as its health risks and the … Read more

Wilma Rudolph – The Tennessee Tornado

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  Wilma Rudolph’s rise to become an Olympic champion is one of the most marvelous exploits in the history of sports. It remains and will remain in years to come a source of inspiration for not only athletes but for anyone aspiring to achieve excellence. Here are 10 interesting facts about this African American athlete … Read more

Batman | 10 Interesting Facts About The Dark Knight

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  Batman is widely considered as one of the greatest comic characters of all time. In comics, The Dark Knight Returns is considered the greatest Batman series and it was chosen as one of the 10 best English language graphic novels ever. In television, the mid-1960s Batman television series became so popular that it has been … Read more