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Adam Smith Facts Featured

Adam Smith | 10 Facts On The Famous Scottish Philosopher

  Born in 1723, Adam Smith was a social philosopher and political economist from Scotland who is widely regarded as the Father of Modern Economics for laying the foundations of the new-age economic system. His...
Khufu Facts Featured

King Khufu | 10 Facts On The Builder of The Great Pyramid

  Khufu, also known by his Greek name Cheops, was a pharaoh of ancient Egypt who is famous all over the world as the person who built perhaps the most famous structure in history. Khufu's...
Battle of San Jacinto Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About The Battle of San Jacinto

  The Battle of San Jacinto, which takes its name from San Jacinto River, took place on April 21, 1836, in present-day Harris County, Texas. Part of the Texas Revolution of 1835–36, it was fought...
David Unaipon Facts Featured

David Unaipon | 10 Facts About The Australian Inventor

  David Unaipon was an aboriginal Australian who is famous for his inventions most prominently an improved mechanical sheep shearing hand tool. He applied for patents for as many as nineteen inventions and conceptualized the...
Henri Rousseau Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About Henri Rousseau

  Henri Rousseau is perhaps the most outstanding painter who never received a proper education in art. Although he was considered an unworthy artist by most critics and people during his lifetime, he is now...
Russian Revolution Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About The Russian Revolution of 1917

  Russian Revolution of 1917 took place in two phases, the February Revolution and the October Revolution. While the February Revolution led to the end of tsarist autocracy in Russia with the abdication of Emperor...
Roman Army Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts On The Ancient Roman Army

  The formation of the Roman Army has been dated back to 753 BCE and it was in existence till 1453 CE. Thus it lasted for a period of more than 2,000 years. During this...
Victoria Falls Facts Featured

Victoria Falls | 10 Facts About The Largest Waterfall

  With a height of 108m and width of 1078m, Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world. It lies on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe on the Zambezi River. Here are 10...
Louis Sachar Facts Featured

Louis Sachar | 10 Facts About The American Author

  Louis Sachar is considered among the greatest modern writers in children's literature. Famous for books such as Holes and the Wayside School series, Sachar developed interest in children while working as a teacher's aide...
Battle of the Alamo Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About The Battle of The Alamo

  The Battle of The Alamo took place in 1836 between February 23 and March 6 in present-day San Antonio, Texas. Part of the Texas Revolution of 1835–36, it takes its name from the Alamo...

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River Mekong Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts On The Mekong River

  The Mekong River, formerly known as the Mae Nam Khong, is one of the most important rivers in the world running across six major...

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Roy Lichtenstein Facts Featured

Roy Lichtenstein | 10 Interesting Facts About The Pop Artist

  Pop art includes imagery from popular culture, such as, advertising, cartoons, news etc. as opposed to elitist culture. It was among the dominant art...