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Georgia O'Keeffe Facts Featured

Georgia O’Keeffe | 10 Facts On The Famous American Artist

  Georgia O'Keeffe was an American artist who was the leading figure of the artistic and cultural movement American Modernism, which started at the turn of the twentieth century. She is known for her revolutionary...
Fifty Shades of Grey Facts Featured

7 Interesting Facts About Fifty Shades of Grey

  Released in 2011, Fifty Shades of Grey is an erotic novel by British author E.L. James. It is the first novel in a trilogy with the second and third titled Fifty Shades Darker and...
Ancient Egypt Religion Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About Religion In Ancient Egypt

  Religion was deeply rooted in the life of ancient Egyptians. It may be fair to say that most aspects of their lives were guided by religion. The Egyptians practiced polytheism with close to 2000...
Benedict Arnold Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About Benedict Arnold

  Benedict Arnold was a U.S. general who is infamous for becoming a traitor and defecting to the British side during the American Revolutionary War. Before he betrayed America, Arnold fought brilliantly for his country...
Cubism Facts Featured

Cubism | 10 Interesting Facts About The Art Movement

  Cubism was a 20th century art movement which had a far reaching impact on the art world. It was inspired by the late works of Paul Cezanne; and pioneered by Pablo Picasso and Georges...
Life of Pi Facts Featured

Life of Pi | 7 Facts About The Novel And The Movie

  Life of Pi is a fictional novel written by Canadian author Yann Martel. The novel has been adapted into a film which was released in theaters in 2012. The movie has been directed by...
Mohamed Morsi Facts Featured

7 Interesting Facts About Mohamed Morsi

  In 2012, Egypt's president Mohamed Morsi issued a declaration banning challenges to his decrees, laws and decisions. The declaration also said no court can dissolve the constituent assembly, which was drawing up a new...
Archimedes Facts Featured

Archimedes | 10 Facts On The Ancient Greek Mathematician

  Archimedes was an ancient Greek mathematician, scientist and inventor. Little is known about the personal life of Archimedes and what is known comes from the histories authored by Plutarch, Cicero and other historians several...
Hiroshima Nagasaki Bombing Facts Featured

10 Facts About The Bombing of Hiroshima And Nagasaki

  The United States used nuclear bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6th and 9th of August, 1945 respectively. It was the first use of nuclear weapons in wartime and till...
Lomography Facts Featured

7 Lomography Facts

  When digital cameras took over in the 1990s, the fate of film photography seemed bleak but a freak chance resulted in a waning camera giving birth to a movement called Lomography. As it celebrates...

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