Albert Einstein Inspirational Quotes Featured

10 Inspirational Quotes by Albert Einstein

 Although most known for his scientific achievement  Albert Einstein's popularity with the common man lies in his non scientific legacy. We look at 10 famous inspirational quotations of Einstein.Watch the video below or follow the...
Deadliest Creatures Featured

10 Deadliest Creatures In The World

 One may classify the 10 deadliest creatures in the world by the number deaths esp. human ones that they may cause. But with the amazing creatures on our planet deadly may mean a lot...
10 Most Beautiful Birds Featured Image

10 Most Beautiful Birds In The World

 Beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder yet an admirer may never fail to discuss his view. Look at exquisite pictures and know about 10 of the most beautiful birds from around...
10 Famous Bridges Featured Image

10 Most Famous Bridges In The World

 A bridge is perhaps the most apt representation of man's perseverance to overcome obstacles that lie in his path. Here are 10 world famous bridges, some included in the list due to their rich...
10 Most Hottest Chillies Featured Image

10 Hottest Chillies In The World by Scoville Scale

 The Chili Heat if we may call it is measured in the Scoville scale; named after American Physicist Wilbur Scoville who first devised the method in 1912. The SHU's or Scoville Heat Units simply try to...
Weird Inventions Featured

10 Most Weird And Wacky Inventions

 Here are 10 inventions which are so weird that they will make you laugh your guts out. They range from stupid to bizarre to - do we actually need that! We have made a...

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