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Poseidon Myths Featured

10 Most Famous Myths Featuring The Greek God Poseidon

  Poseidon was the ancient Greek God of the sea, earthquakes and horses. He was eaten by the father Cronus at birth and it was his brother Zeus who, after coming of age, tricked his...
WW1 1914 Featured Image

10 Major Events of World War I In 1914

  World War I was a global conflict fought between the Central Powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria; and the Allies which was a coalition of many nations, most prominently the Great...
Famous Louvre Artworks Featured

10 Most Famous Artworks In the Louvre

  After serving as royal residence for numerous years, the Louvre was finally converted into a museum to display the nation's masterpieces by the National Assembly during the French Revolution. The museum opened on August...
Famous Nature Poems Featured

10 Most Famous Poems On Nature By Renowned Poets

  Nature has been a recurring theme in poetry through the ages. Its various landscapes, its changing seasons, its creative as well as destructive power, its beautiful phenomenons; have fascinated poets of every generation stimulating...
Hera Myths Featured

10 Most Famous Myths Featuring The Greek Goddess Hera

  In Greek mythology, Hera was the goddess of women, marriage, family and childbirth. She was the sister and wife of Zeus, the king of the Gods. Zeus tricked her into marrying him and due...
Famous Inspirational Poems Featured

10 Most Famous Inspirational Poems By Renowned Poets

  Inspiring readers has been a prominent theme in poetry, particularly since the late 19th century. Though there are numerous poems which may inspire their readers, we have only included poems in which inspiration is...
Famous Paintings By Women Featured

10 Most Famous Paintings By Female Artists

  According to American art historian Linda Nochlin, institutional obstacles prevented women in the west from becoming successful artists. Among the earliest prominent female painters is Artemisia Gentileschi and her best known work is Judith...
Famous Impressionist Artists Featured

10 Most Famous Impressionist Artists And Their Masterpieces

  Impressionism emerged in France in the middle of the 19th century. Though it was initially criticized, it soon gathered a following and, with time, it became so popular that it led to analogous movements...
Athena Myths Featured

10 Famous Myths Featuring The Greek Goddess Athena

  In Ancient Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of of wisdom, handicraft and warfare. She was one of the most prominent deities in the Greek pantheon and there are numerous myths featuring her. Athena...

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