Avarice vs Greed | Difference between the two Synonyms

  Here is a comparison of the words avarice and greed to help you understand the usage and difference between the two synonyms.   Avarice Greed Etymology Avarice is etymologically related to a desire to gain and withhold wealth and possessions. Greed is etymologically related to hunger and insatiable appetite. Modern Usage Avarice is a … Read more

Difference between Old fashioned, Antiquated, Archaic and Antediluvian

difference bettween similar words

  All these words suggest that a thing has been displaced; but don’t necessarily imply that it has ceased to exist. Old fashioned is the most general of these terms. It suggests that something, that might have been prevalent in the earlier times, is now out of use because of the changing tastes of people. … Read more

Difference between Approve, Commend and Approbate

difference bettween similar words

  Approve, commend and approbate can be used to suggest formal praise or consent. Approve is the most informal of these words and is also used generally. When used officially, it means to consent or confirm. Ex – Your proposal has been approved by the government. Commend is more formal than approve and is always used in … Read more

Difference between Improve, Better, Meliorate and Ameliorate

difference bettween similar words

  Improve and better are more general words and can apply to a variety of situations. They can be used interchangeably in certain situations – to improve (or better) one’s rank. Better is usually used to suggest only a slight increase. Ex – His new job is better than the last one. While improve suggests a greater … Read more

Difference between Abhor, Despise and Loathe

difference bettween similar words

  These words refer to aversion or contempt towards anything one finds objectionable, distasteful or offensive. Loathe is extensively used for simple distaste. It also focuses on aversion or dislike. Ex – She loathed men who had mustaches or beards. Despise usually indicates finding something offensive or morally objectionable. Ex – He despised orthodox methods of punishing children. Abhor … Read more

Difference – Shame vs Mortify vs Embarrass vs Abash

difference bettween similar words

  These words express an uncomfortable feeling due to loss of self-esteem. Shame is the strongest, implying a sense of guilt or of disgrace, usually due to acting in a dishonorable way. Ex – The terrorist attack was a matter of shame for the security personnel. Mortify is somewhat milder suggesting humiliation from an unpleasant situation. Ex … Read more