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Mnemonic –abnormality


Word – anomaly



a) deviation from the normal order

b) abnormality


Part of Speech – noun


Synonyms – aberration, oddity, irregularity, peculiarity


Antonyms – conformity, normality, regularity


Anomaly Sentences

1   The judge was dismissed after he ignored a glaring anomaly in the evidence presented for an important murder trial.

2   The slightest anomaly in a high speed car can start a cumulative effect which can totally ruin it.

3   Average summer temperature had dropped over 6 degrees this year which was clearly an anomaly.

4   A self-goal was the anomaly in an otherwise perfect match for Manchester United in which they thrashed their opponents 6-1.

5   Programmers are working hard to remove the anomalies in database design.


Discordant Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ discordant sentences

Meaning, synonyms, antonyms, sentences and more


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Mnemonic – dislocated cord makes aunt sound harsh or disagreeable to the ear


Word – Discordant


Meaning – disagreeable to the ear, harsh


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – cacophonous, disagreeing, jarring, unmelodious, inharmonious, dissonant


Antonyms – concordant, harmonious, agreeable


Discordant sentences

1   Before thinking of any song it would be better that you tune your discordant guitars.

2   The discordant sounds of crows cawing woke me from my slumber.

3   His new ideas for kung fu sounded like a discordant note to the shaolin masters and he was expelled from the monastery.

4   A discordant relationship may not survive for long.

5   His views are discordant with the world and he would find it difficult to make friends.

6   The discordant sounds that came from his neighbor’s room made it very difficult for him to concentrate on his work.


Under the Lens: Extending the Meaning of Discordant

Discordant means disagreeable to the ear because the sounds are not in harmony. Discordant can also refer to other things that are not in agreement or are conflicting.

Ex – He experienced discordant emotions when he was given the man of the tournament award despite his team losing the final.


Exigent Meaning

Synonyms : pressing, urgent

Exigent Sentence : The patient was losing blood so rapidly that it was exigent to stop the source of bleeding.

Under The Lens : Difference between Pressing, Urgent, Exigent and Imperative

Pressing is the mildest of these terms. It usually refers to a problem that has been there for a long time and needs to be looked at soon. Ex – The danger has become too pressing to delay action any further.

Urgent is more nearer to emergency. Ex – We need to call for an urgent meeting to handle this situation.

Exigent is the strongest of these terms and refers to something that requires immediate action just like the situation in the video. Ex – You need to leave exigently as my husband will be back any moment.

Imperative is slightly different from these words as it suggests that something has become unavoidable and thus it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Ex – The problem of the divide between the rich and the poor has become imperative.

Morose Meaning

Synonyms : dour, gloomy, glum, sullen, sulky

Morose Sentence : He has been morose ever since his girlfriend left him.

Under The Lens : In a Bad Mood, Sullen, Glum, Morose, Sulky, Dour and Gloomy

Let’s take you as an example to describe the various disagreeable moods.

You are sullen if you are ill-humored and refuse to be sociable and responsive.

You are glum if you are dull and silent due to depressing circumstances or low spirits.

You are morose if you are sullen as well as bitter and harsh.

You are sulky if you add childish displeasure and discontent to sullenness.

You are dour if you give a superficial appearance of seriousness and bitterness.

Lastly you are gloomy if you are so depressed that you show no signs of cheerfulness and optimism.

We hope you were not offended because we took you as an example for this exercise. We sincerely wish you are in the best of spirits; just like the letters we wrote during childhood.

Convoluted Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ convoluted sentences


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Conman Convo  l(u)ooted the bank

It was difficult to loot the bank because of the complex and complicated security system.


Word – convoluted


Meaning – complex or complicated


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – confused, perplexing, intricate


Antonyms – simple, straightforward


Convoluted Sentences

1   The student made a convoluted excuse to escape punishment.

2   The convoluted bureaucratic processes required to open a business in India will discourage many businessmen.

3   Convoluted stories and dark screenplays are in fashion in Hollywood.

4   Computer languages like java and php are not as convoluted as they may seem.

5   We must first attempt to simplify the convoluted language of legal documents so that simple citizens do not fear them.

6   Your convoluted solutions will only confuse me; I want a simpler answer to my problem.


Click here to know the Difference between Complex, Complicated, Convoluted and Intricate


Insipid Meaning


 Synonyms :banal, vapid

Insipid Sentence : It is difficult to tolerate the insipid speech of certain politicians.


Under The Lens : Bored To Death, Difference between Insipid, Vapid and Banal

Insipid and vapid are derived from Latin words that refer to tasteless food. Apart from suggesting lack of flavor, they also suggest flatness or want of spirit. There is only a slight difference between the two words. While insipid is usually used to describe instances of expression or behavior, vapid usually describes a whole personality. Ex – The vapid entertainer made insipid remarks on society.

Banal differs from these two words as it suggests something is so common that it lacks freshness. Ex – His banal jokes bored the audience.

Enervate Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ enervate sentences



A super-villian eats planets and helps you gobble a word


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Mnemonic – Galactus ate energy of the universe to weaken it.


Word – Enervate


Meaning – to weaken, to reduce in vitality


Part of Speech – verb


Synonyms – enfeeble, sap, weaken, jade, debilitate


Antonyms – energize, invigorate, liven, strengthen


Enervate Sentences

1   Heartbreak in love must not enervate your will to live for life is surely much more than that.

2   The medicine is effective against cancer but enervates the brain cells which may lead to other complications.

3   The humid climate would quickly enervate the soldiers body and they were advised to periodically sip energy fluids.

4   The enervating effects of a traumatic past had resulted in low self esteem and lack of confidence.

5   The thunderstorm had so enervated the ship’s crew that they were in no position to control the ship.

6   The attack at the World Trade Center had enervated the spirits of the global economy.


Know about: Drain of Energy – weaken Vs sap Vs enervate Vs enfeeble


Elegy Mnemonic Dictionary Video | 5+ elegy sentences



A funeral where a word comes to life


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Mnemonic –a legy beauty is reading a mournful poem, lamenting the death of her husband.


Word – Elegy


Meaning – a mournful poem esp. one lamenting the dead


Part of Speech – noun


Synonyms – funeral song, lament, dirge, requiem, threnody


Elegy Sentences

1   He composed a beautiful elegy in the fond memory of his deceased grandmother.

2   This famous song was in fact an elegy to the martyrs who lost their lives defending the nation.

3   His heartfelt elegy at the funeral made us all cry.

4   The film is like a sorrowful elegy told entirely from the perspective of holocaust victims.

5   The elegies of ancient Roman literature was often erotic or mythological in nature.

6   It is not surprising to note that the finest elegies were written by those who had been deeply in love.


Under the Lens: Difference between Elegy, Dirge, Threnody and Eulogy

An elegy is a mournful poem or song, especially one lamenting the death of someone.

Dirge and threnody mean the same but are shorter and often meant to be sung aloud.

Also don’t confuse elegy with eulogy, which is a speech in praise of someone, especially a deceased person.





Synonyms : excess, surplus, glut, plethora

Surfeit Sentence : Although he loves action movies, he didn’t like Spiderman 3 as he thought that there was surfeit of action sequences in that movie.


Under The Lens    : Difference between Excess, Surplus, Glut, Plethora and Surfeit

Excess and surplus are general words which simply suggest an overabundance of something.

Surfeit suggests an excess of something that might be appealing but due to excessive amount it generates dislike. Ex – The author, through the character Private Quelch, portrays how surfeit of knowledge can work to your disadvantage.

While surfeit is too much of a good thing, plethora may be excess of a good or bad thing. Ex – There is a plethora of beauty products available for women.

Glut is similar to surfeit in regard to overabundance of something without necessarily suggesting any dislike due to its excessive quantity. Ex – There is a glut of information available on the internet.