Censure vs Reprimand vs Reproach vs Admonish vs Reprove vs Rebuke


Words of Criticism

Censure and reprimand indicate formal criticism, usually public or official.

Reprimand indicates direct confrontation.

Ex – The policeman reprimanded the offender.

Censure may be direct or indirect.

Ex – The newspaper censured the politician.

Reproach expresses disapproval that arises from one’s feeling being hurt from someone’s inconsideration, neglect etc.

Ex – She reproached him for forgetting her birthday.

Admonish and reprove are mild forms of criticism. Admonish is usually used in giving warning or counsel.

Ex – He admonished his colleague for not finishing his work in time.

Reprove is friendly criticism to help correct a fault or pattern.

Ex – She reproved her brother for smoking too much.

Rebuke is sharp criticism and is usually abrupt.

Ex – Her boss rebuked her for disturbing him during the meeting.

So that was about words of disapproval. I hope you don’t have any for us. If you do, you can comment below.


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