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Conman Convo  l(u)ooted the bank

It was difficult to loot the bank because of the complex and complicated security system.


Word – convoluted


Meaning – complex or complicated


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – confused, perplexing, intricate


Antonyms – simple, straightforward


Convoluted Sentences

1   The student made a convoluted excuse to escape punishment.

2   The convoluted bureaucratic processes required to open a business in India will discourage many businessmen.

3   Convoluted stories and dark screenplays are in fashion in Hollywood.

4   Computer languages like java and php are not as convoluted as they may seem.

5   We must first attempt to simplify the convoluted language of legal documents so that simple citizens do not fear them.

6   Your convoluted solutions will only confuse me; I want a simpler answer to my problem.


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