Curtail Dictionary Video | 5+ Curtail sentences

Curtail Dictionary Video | 5+ Curtail sentences



A word behind a curtain


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Mnemonic - curtain long shorten it


Word - Curtail


Meaning - shorten


Part of Speech - verb


Synonyms - reduce, abate, diminish


Antonyms - increase, extend, prolong


Curtail sentences


1   The government decided to curtail the spending on space research during the economic crisis.


2   The president had to curtail his speech when the defence secretary informed him about the emergency.


3   The revolution aimed to curtail the spreading wings of communism and targeted the industry owners.


Curtailed sentences


1   The invention of the smart phone drastically curtailed the sale of many products such as watches and maps.


2   The fear of floods after the prediction of heavy rainfall has curtailed the flow of tourists in the region.


3   My sleep was curtailed due to the knock on the door.


Curtailing sentence 

1   The dictator was ruling with an iron hand after curtailing the freedom of speech and media.


Difference between Reduce, Abate, Curtail and Diminish


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