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Mnemonic – Cyanide for sure is at the center of attention when we discuss poisons.


Word – Cynosure




a) center of attention

b) object of general attention

c) person or thing that is a center of attention


2. something that serves as a guide


Part of speech – noun



1 center, celebrity, star, focus, axis

2 council, direction


Antonyms – nobody


Cynosure sentences (using meaning 1)

1   The vuvuzela instrument became the cynosure of the 2010 Soccer world cup.

2   The Oprah singer was the cynosure of the theater till the curtains fell.

3   Indian Real-Estate market has recently been the cynosure for most foreign investors.


Cynosure sentences (using meaning 2)

1   The great bear constellation is often used as a cynosure to locate the North Star.

2   The old church across the street served as an excellent cynosure for visitors.

3   The ancient wonder of the Colossus of Rhodes served as a cynosure for in coming ships.


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