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Mnemonic – death due to scarcity of food on earth


Word – Dearth



a) smallness of quantity or number

b) scarcity


Part of Speech – noun


Synonyms – insufficiency, deficiency, inadequacy, shortage, lack


Antonyms – sufficiency, excess, abundance


Dearth sentences

1   The dearth of drinking water in desert areas has always made life difficult for the dwellers.

2   There is a dearth of scientific research in certain fields due to lack of funding.

3   Despite being a software hub there is dearth of path breaking work in the field of software development in India.

4   The dearth of data meant that the probability of an accurate prediction was low.

5   How can we call this city developed when it still dealing with its dearth of power.

6   There is dearth of talent in this talent show.


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