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Mnemonic – delete p to reduce or exhaust the abundance of p


Word – deplete


Meaning – to reduce or exhaust the abundance


Part of Speech – verb


Synonyms – spend, consume, diminish, lessen, weaken


Antonyms – increase, augment, add


Deplete sentences

1   After the fierce war the army was deplete in men and spirit.

2   With no salary hike this year due to recession, the inflation is sure to deplete my savings.


Depletion sentence

1   The depletion of oil resources of the world has forced us to look at other alternatives for energy.


Depleting sentence

1   The tiger population is depleting fast due to illegal poaching.

Depleted sentences

1   He had walked for miles and his strength was depleted.

2   The LA Lakers were depleted by injuries to their inform players.


Under the Lens – Difference between Deplete, Exhaust and Spend

Deplete means to decrease seriously the abundance or supply of something, while exhaust suggests consuming completely or emptying absolutely.

Ex Due to the famine the food stored in government warehouses has depleted and it will soon exhaust if the situation doesn’t improve.

Spend is a close synonym of exhaust but it has an added connotation of gradual exhaustion.

Ex The battery of the torch was spent yesterday during the power-cut.


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