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Mnemonic – Diana’s ball i caldevilish


Word – Diabolical


Meaning – devilish 


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – hellish, evil, demonic, infernal, wicked


Antonyms – heavenly, angelic


Diabolic sentences

1   Hell is the diabolic opposite of heaven.

2   A woman with many lovers was made to look diabolic in those times.


Diabolical sentences

1   His diabolical plan to murder the king would require the assistance of a trustworthy servant.

2   Harry Potter is pitted against a diabolical villain Voldemort; who would go to any lengths to destroy him.

3   The diabolical nature of holocaust has terrified and disgusted people over the years.

4   The diabolical witch turned the prince into a chicken.


Under the Lens: Difference between Diabolic and Diabolical

The adjectives diabolic and diabolical are used interchangeably. But if you need to get technical about it you can say that diabolic is having the qualities of a devil while diabolical is appropriate for a devil, in terms of cruelty etc. Hence you might say that diabolic has more direct relation to the devil. Anyways it doesn’t really matter if you use one word for the other.


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