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Mnemonic – dislocated cord makes aunt sound harsh or disagreeable to the ear


Word – Discordant


Meaning – disagreeable to the ear, harsh


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – cacophonous, disagreeing, jarring, unmelodious, inharmonious, dissonant


Antonyms – concordant, harmonious, agreeable


Discordant sentences

1   Before thinking of any song it would be better that you tune your discordant guitars.

2   The discordant sounds of crows cawing woke me from my slumber.

3   His new ideas for kung fu sounded like a discordant note to the shaolin masters and he was expelled from the monastery.

4   A discordant relationship may not survive for long.

5   His views are discordant with the world and he would find it difficult to make friends.

6   The discordant sounds that came from his neighbor’s room made it very difficult for him to concentrate on his work.


Under the Lens: Extending the Meaning of Discordant

Discordant means disagreeable to the ear because the sounds are not in harmony. Discordant can also refer to other things that are not in agreement or are conflicting.

Ex – He experienced discordant emotions when he was given the man of the tournament award despite his team losing the final.


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