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Mnemonic – dorm ant is lying asleep


Word – Dormant


Meaning – lying asleep, inactive


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – inert, passive, slumbering, sleeping, inactive, asleep, quiescent


Antonyms – active, lively


Dormant Sentences

1   The volcano had been dormant for many centuries but scientists feared it may erupt again in the near future.

2   He planned to return to his hometown after retirement and restart his beer club which had been dormant since thirty long years.

3   Do not keep your mind dormant for its capabilities are limitless.

4   Unlike the cities, towns are usually dormant after midnight.

5   With evolution the gene that was responsible for tails in humans became dormant.

6   The deadly bacteria can remain dormant in the soil for many years.


Under the Lens – Predictive and Consequential Dormancy

During adverse conditions many plants and animals conserve their energy by minimizing metabolic activity. This period, when growth, development and other physical activities are suspended, is called dormancy.

Predictive dormancy is one in which an organism enters into dormancy before the climatic conditions become adverse. It occurs in areas where the climate follows a predictive cycle.

Consequential dormancy is one in which an organism enters into dormancy after the climate becomes adverse. It occurs in areas with unpredictable climate.


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