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A severe Count and an extremely severe word


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Mnemonic Dictionary


Mnemonic – Dracula onions are extremely severe


Word – Draconian



a) extremely severe

b) unusually cruel


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – oppressive, brutal, strict, exorbitant


Antonyms – lenient, tolerant, amenable


Draconian sentences

1   The new emperor set draconian laws to decrease the rising levels of crime in his kingdom.

2   The policies the government implemented to counter the recession led to an even more draconian recession.

3   Even in today’s world, many countries still have draconian forms of punishment.

4   I left my previous job because the draconian rules in the company were making life difficult for me.

5   Her father had imposed draconian restrictions on her which led to making her a rebel.


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