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Mnemonic –a legy beauty is reading a mournful poem, lamenting the death of her husband.


Word – Elegy


Meaning – a mournful poem esp. one lamenting the dead


Part of Speech – noun


Synonyms – funeral song, lament, dirge, requiem, threnody


Elegy Sentences

1   He composed a beautiful elegy in the fond memory of his deceased grandmother.

2   This famous song was in fact an elegy to the martyrs who lost their lives defending the nation.

3   His heartfelt elegy at the funeral made us all cry.

4   The film is like a sorrowful elegy told entirely from the perspective of holocaust victims.

5   The elegies of ancient Roman literature was often erotic or mythological in nature.

6   It is not surprising to note that the finest elegies were written by those who had been deeply in love.


Under the Lens: Difference between Elegy, Dirge, Threnody and Eulogy

An elegy is a mournful poem or song, especially one lamenting the death of someone.

Dirge and threnody mean the same but are shorter and often meant to be sung aloud.

Also don’t confuse elegy with eulogy, which is a speech in praise of someone, especially a deceased person.


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