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You may feel weak without this word in your vocab 


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Mnemonic Dictionary


Mnemonic – end masculine mate to weaken the male

Note – Masculine as a noun means the male sex or gender.

We do not endorse any such statement as mentioned in the mnemonic 🙂


Word – emasculate



a) to weaken

b) make a person, idea, law etc less effective


Part of Speech – verb


Synonyms – enervate, castrate, debilitate, devitalize 


Antonyms – help, assist


Emasculating sentences

1   Her emasculating charm brought the men on their knees.

2   The leak of sensitive information from the headquarters had an emasculating effect on the secret agency.

3   Kryptonite had an emasculating effect on superman.


Emasculated sentence

1   The death of their greatest warrior Hector emasculated the Trojan army.


Emasculate sentence

1   The loopholes in the law against rape and murder emasculates it and gives the criminals a window of opportunity.

2   It is our attitude to accept what we know is wrong that emasculates us and empowers those who are in the wrong.


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