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Mnemonic - escape chewing tobacco and avoid it by habit


Word - eschew



a) avoid by habit

b) deliberately leave or shun


Part of Speech - verb


Synonyms - forgo, abandon, refrain


Antonyms - like, embrace


Eschew sentences

1   He decided to eschew his violent life after he fell in love.

2   She decided to eschew her comfortable life in America and work for the poor children in Africa.


Eschewing sentences

1   Some readers are eschewing traditional printed books in favor of digital editions.

2   Eschewing your SUV's for a more environment friendly car may be your minor contribution for the welfare of the world.


Eschewed sentence

1   Public domain work means that the author of the work has eschewed his rights for it.

2   Tom eschewed his habit of smoking after the warning from the doctor.



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