Lets spy on the word espionage


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Mnemonic - especial iron age spying

Note - imagine that during the iron age of mankind there were spies trying to spy on how to use iron in making weapons


Word - espionage



a) spying

b) the practice of using spies


Part of Speech - noun


Synonyms - intelligence, secret service, shadowing


Espionage sentences

1   I am a fan of James Bond films but I would like to watch a more realistic espionage film.

2   The famous Hollywood couple were espionage agents working for the CIA.

3   Mata Hari was a famous exotic dancer who was shot by the firing squad in France under charges of espionage for Germany.

4   Snowden's revelations have brought the serious issue of internet espionage of the citizens into focus.

5   It is a well known secret that once caught in a foreign land espionage agents are denied by their own country.

6   Economic espionage is the theft of a trade secret with the knowledge that the offense will benefit any foreign government or foreign agent.



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