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Do not leave this world fallow


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Mnemonic Dictionary


Mnemonic – Farmer allows plowed farmland to be left unsown in order to restore its fertility


Word – Fallow



a) farmland plowed and left unsown in order to restore its fertility

b) uncultivated


Part of Speech – adjective


Synonyms – inert, neglected, dormant, unplanted, unseeded


Antonyms – cultivated, developed, seeded


Fallow sentences

1   He would help out in his brothers restaurant while it was time to leave the land fallow.

2   The village head decided not to give the fallow lands to the circus troupe.

3   Leaving the land fallow for a few months will increase growth and reduce diseases.


Fallowed sentence

1   You may be thinking that this land is been fallowed by the farmer but the truth is that he has long left for the city.


Fallowing sentence

1   The farm owners were fallowing the months of June to August for the wheat crop.


Fallow as a noun

a) A piece of uncultivated land.

b) A pale brown or reddish yellow color.


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