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A fetish for the word fetish


Mnemonic Video

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Mnemonic Dictionary


Mnemonic – Feet wish to be objects of excessive attention of shoes


Word – Fetish


Meaning – object of excessive attention or reverence


Part of Speech – noun


Synonyms – fixation, penchant, mania, desire


Fetish sentences

1   After going through his collection of over a hundred hats it was safe to assume that he had a hat fetish.

2   He was embarrassed to discuss his foot fetish with his girlfriend but she obviously had a fair idea.

3   Isn’t it a bias that when a man has the same number of shoes as a woman, people say that he has a fetish for shoes.

4   Fetish clothes like satin corsets, leather skinny jeans, leather skirts and silk stockings are popular in the cinematic portrayal of a sexy woman.


Fetishistic sentence

1   Fetishistic transvestites are people who are aroused by wearing the clothes of the opposite sex.


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