Not a futile effort to learn futile

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Mnemonic - Fur tiles for bathrooms is a useless and hopeless idea


Word - futile


Meaning - useless, hopeless, ineffective


Part of Speech - adjective


Synonyms - pointless, barren, empty


Antonyms - hopeful, fruitful, profitable


Futile sentences

1   He had tried out various diets over the past few years in the futile effort to reduce his weight.

2   He felt that his three years of hard word would go futile if he failed to win a medal at the coming Olympics.

3   Why don't you turn to the dark side Luke, it is futile to go against the wishes of the emperor.

4   The great journey by Columbus that brought together two isolated worlds was in fact a futile quest to find India.

5   He made many futile attempts to woo her but she was interested in someone else.

6   Hold on to material wealth all your life and finally realize that all is ultimately futile. (used philosophically)



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