Know this word to avoid a gaffe.

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Mnemonic - Giraffe's social blunder was to grow that tall with a long neck


Word - Gaffe



a) social blunder

b) an unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment


Part of Speech - noun


Synonyms - mistake, blooper, howler, goof


Antonyms - correction, propriety


Gaffe sentences

1   One is bound to commit a few gaffes when learning to speak a foreign language.

2   A major gaffe in defense in the final few minutes led to the touchdown that eventually lost them the game. (related to sports)

3   The presidential candidate's gaffe during the speech was caused due to his misinterpretation of a few lines that were obviously not written by him. (related to politics)

4   By blaming the liberated women for the rising cases of rape, the police have pulled a gaffe so big that it has embarrassed the entire country.

5   What is considered quite appropriate in a culture or time may easily be a considered as a social gaffe in another culture or time.

6   While Apple is dominating the market their habit to imprison their customers is still considered by many as a strategic gaffe.



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