Glower Mnemonic Video | Glower Sentence Examples

Glower Mnemonic Video | Glower Sentence Examples



Look angrily around and you may find this one. 


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Mnemonic & Meaning

Mnemonic - glow on her face made her look or stare angrily at the cameraman


Word - glower



look or stare angrily


Part of Speech - verb

Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms - glare, sulk, scowl

Antonyms - smile, grin



Glowering sentence 1

Sylvia refuses to talk to her husband after the big fight, she just sat at the corner of the bed glowering at him.


Glower sentence 1 (inspired from Greek Mythology)

"Beware of that gorgon's glower for it may turn you to stone", he warned Perseus of Medusa.

Note - Know More of Perseus and Medusa here


Glowered sentence 1 (inspired from Life of Pi)

Richard Parker had claimed most of the boat to himself, he now roared and glowered at his expected dinner, the other survivor Pi.

Note - Read more about Life of Pi here


Glower sentence 2 (used metaphorically)

It would take three nights to cross the desert, resting during the day to avoid the all consuming glower of the sun.



Her beautiful necklace was a tease for all the other women present and she loved the glower of jealousy riding on their faces


Glowering Sentence 2

When her father saw her in her short dress, he shouted at her glowering with disapproval.

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