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Mnemonic - hang dog and see him sad, shamefaced and defeated


Word - Hangdog



a) sad, shamefaced and defeated

b) having a guilty and sad appearance


Part of Speech - adjective


Synonyms - brokenhearted, miserable, unhappy, gloomy


Antonyms - cheerful, delighted, joyful, happy


Hangdog sentences

1   He could see her shame, that shifty hangdog look was enough indication that she had betrayed him.

2   Droopy the dog cartoon is famous for his hangdog face.

3   The man was very cheerful and optimistic, quite opposite of the hangdog appearance on his facebook profile picture.

4   In the film Rocky, Stallone's hangdog character was widely appreciated by the audience.

5   I am hosting a grand party and the hangdogs are not invited to spoil the fun.

6   Behind his shabby exterior and hangdog expression lay the mind of a genius.



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