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Mnemonic - Robin Hood winks at his band signalling them to deceive the king


Word - Hoodwink


Meaning - to deceive


Part of Speech - verb


Synonyms - bluff, cheat, bamboozle, con, fraud


Hoodwink sentence

1   His intention was to hoodwink her and claim her property but he hopelessly fell in love with her.

2   The rich old widow was rude and bitter with her family because she was wary of relatives who may want to hoodwink her.

3   Houdini had such tricks up his sleeve that would even hoodwink other professional magicians.


Hoodwinked sentences

1   When we see a beautiful young woman married to a rich old man; most of us assume that she has hoodwinked him for his money.


Hoodwinking sentence

1   How could you think of hoodwinking your father for a couple of thousand bucks?

2   Chit funds are infamous for hoodwinking people so be careful before you commit your money.




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