How To Challenge Your Brain | Build Up An Aptitude For Learning

With the fading of the age of war, human mind has emerged as the single greatest asset on this planet. And though we seem to be moving ahead, we seem to be only heading towards calamity. There are many grave challenges for us and our planet.

To be a highly developed race we need to increase our abilities. Let’s do our bit, for amongst us are geniuses that will take us forward. We may begin by understanding how do we build up an aptitude for learning.

How to challenge your brain

Discover yourself – We are all different and unique in our own ways. Since a similar education system is designed for all, it will always give advantage to certain individuals. You change the rules and parameters, and the winners will change.

But knowledge will always make you the winner. Remember the people who have made the slightest difference have done it by discovering themselves.

So, how to challenge your brain and discover yourself? Investigate about yourself? Why do you like a particular song? Why are you afraid of spiders? What do you love and hate about your mother?

The more you understand yourself the more you will learn to focus besides identifying strong points for associations for different things, hence building an aptitude for learning.

Build up an aptitude for Learning

Take your hobbies seriously – So you like cooking. What will happen if I cut the potatoes in a different way? Where did a particular dish originate, what is the history behind it all? Why is Chinese food so addictive? How can I make a great burger with the least number of calories? Getting to the bottom of things opens up an entire new world for you and with it countless points of associations. Take your hobbies seriously and discover new hobbies, you are sure to increase your aptitude for learning.

How to challenge your brain

The Detective in you – Do not accept everything as it is. Why? When? What? Where? How?… Use the detective in you to find out things yourself. The problem with most of us is that we are so busy thinking about and advertising our problems but we do not have time to think of solutions. Most of the times you may not find the solution but by making an effort to find one you are constantly challenging your brain, hence helping it grow. Questions are your mind’s best friend. There are a million problems in the world. You may have the solution. Begin by solving your own. The key is to not to blindly follow but learn how to challenge your brain. You may be the one with a new, simple and better solution.

Open up the Eyes  ‘Riuhan eye’ is Learnodo’s term for the ability of seeing things from multiple perspectives. A vital plus cause it builds multiple associations for anything viewed through the eye.

The ‘Ooran eye’ is another Learnodo term. It refers to the ability to identify and respect one’s emotions. The more you feel for your surroundings and interact with them the more the opportunities for your brain to grow. Emotions are hotspots for memories; it will not take you a millisecond to remember the embarrassing moments of your life, your first kiss, your child’s birth. So stop being ignorant and interact and feel for your environment to increase your aptitude for learning, you are just shutting the doors to knowledge.


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