How To Learn Words Easily | Way To Improve Your Vocabulary


Apart from other things, Learnodo Newtonic will unravel the mystery of how to learn words easily and remember them too.

I see you!

Neytiri on her way to collecting herbs in the morning crosses two guys. She wishes both of them a good morning. Tsutey’s reply to her is the usual – “Good morning to you too.” Jake, on the other hand, adds something to his answer. He says to her – “Good morning. You look so beautiful today!” By the time it is evening in all likelihood Neytiri will forget altogether that she passed by Tsutey in the morning but she will remember Jake because of the compliment. If only Tsutey expressed himself more! Anyways, bottom line – Neytiri remembers Jake in the evening but forgets Tsutey.

How to learn words easily? That is the question???

The point is to learn words easily you must stimulate the place where words and their meanings are stored – your brain. The human brain doesn’t bother registering things that are dull and looks out for things that are out of the ordinary, things that evoke a certain emotion in us. So we are likely to remember things that make us laugh, cry, feel disgusted, feel shy etc. Before we continue, let me give you an example of how this can be used to improve your vocabulary

  • Abscond – to depart secretly and hide.
A.B.’s condom tore. She got pregnant and had to depart secretly and hide at her grandmother’s house.

A sentence like that is bound to get some reaction from you. You may think that it is absurd or funny or disgusting to use such a situation to remember a word or maybe something else. Whatever the case may be, it will make your brain more active than reading a simple word and its meaning and that will help to stick the word in your memory.

You seem familiar. Have we met before?

Try to remember someone you met who had the same name as you or your sister or somebody whom you like or dislike. It is highly likely that you noticed the fact immediately when the person announced his name. Our brain easily makes relations to things that we already know and this also helps us in remembering new things. Let me illustrate how this can be used to improve your vocabulary.

  • Abecedarian – A beginner in any field
You will learn and remember the meaning of this word very easily as you already know that a,b,c,d are the first four letters of the alphabet. Your brain will relate the word beginner easily to the word abecedarian.
  • Exigent – Requiring immediate action or aid; urgent; pressing.
Exit urgently” Mona said to her lover when her father rang the bell.
The situation we use to learn this word in itself is urgent so it will be easy for your brain to club it with its meaning, hence improving the chance of your remembering it.

All that glitters doesn’t look like gold!

Now the most important and obvious point! To your brain, watching something is more convincing than reading something. Moreover the brain reacts to different colours and moving objects much more attentively than to written text. Videos and images have a much better chance of remaining in our brain than what we read. In fact learning through images and videos is 89% more effective according to certain studies. So watching videos of words to improve your vocabulary is an effective way to learn new words.

Our aim is to target your brain with a mixture of these techniques so that when you learn a new word it has more than one way to cling to your brain. We are confident that by watching our videos you will learn words easily and more importantly never forget them.

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