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Mnemonic - imp in the air to weaken, damage or injure his decision


Word - Impair



a) to weaken, damage or injure

b) diminish in strength


Part of Speech - verb


Synonyms - devalue, deteriorate, debase, tarnish


Antonyms - help, assist, aid, make stronger


Impair sentences

1   The absence of Gerard in the midfield are bound to impair Liverpool's ambition.

2   Do not impair the hopes of a billion people by cheating in their favorite sport.

3   The remaining of the 300 marched ahead and nothing could impair their resolve to fight till their last breath.


Impaired sentences

1   The impaired vision of the victims neighbor meant that her eyewitness testimony could be doubted.

2   The storm had impaired their trek plan and it was no longer safe to go ahead.



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