Insuperable Meaning | Insuperable Mnemonic


Synonyms : insurmountable, overwhelming

Sentence : Challenges in life may be tough and demanding, but they are not insuperable.

Under the Lens : Inspirations behind Superman Characters

Clark and Kent
Clark and Kent

The name Clark Kent was inspired by Hollywood actors Clark Gable and Kent Taylor

Super and Man
Super and Man

Superman was modeled on the famous Hollywood actor Douglas Fairbanks Sr. while Clark Kent was modeled on the well known comic artist Harold Lloyd. 

Joanna Carter | Louis Lane
Joanna Carter | Lois Lane

Joanna Carter modeled for Lois Lane. She later married Superman Co-creator Jerry Siegel.

Metropolis | Fritz Lang
Metropolis | Fritz Lang

Metropolis was a 1927 classic by director Fritz Lang. It was the inspiration behind the name of the city where Superman lives.

Daily Planet
Daily Star

Daily Planet where Clark Kent and Lois Lane work as reporters is inspired from the Daily Star newspaper, where Joe Shuster was a newsboy. The paper is now called Toronto Star.



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