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Mnemonic - inter district tournaments prohibited


Word - interdict


Meaning - Prohibit or forbid


Part of Speech - verb


Synonyms - ban, disallow, prevent


Antonyms - permit, allow, admit


Interdict sentences

1   Governments must make sure to interdict the flow of black money to tax heavens. (used in a financial relation)

2   Bomb the bridge and you will interdict the flow of supplies to the town.

3   The accident was sure to interdict the flow of traffic for a couple of hours.


Interdicted sentence

1   A NC-17 rated movie simply means that under 17 year olds are interdicted from watching it.


Interdiction sentence

1   Interdiction of the drug trade, discouragement of drug use and strong anti drug laws are necessary to get rid of this evil.


Interdicting sentence

1   Despite the obvious problems of nuclear weapons race, it has helped in interdicting a major war.



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