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Mnemonic - i rate myself as an angry person


Word - irate


Meaning - angry


Part of Speech - adjective


Synonyms - annoyed, furious, incensed


Antonyms - happy, calm, quiet


Irate sentences

1   The irate crowd started to damage the stadium property after waiting for over two hours for the performance.

2   The new phone had sold over a million units but developed circuit problems soon after. This meant many irate and unsatisfied customers for the company to deal with.

3   I do not understand the irate drivers who seem to abuse every few seconds and have a terrible road rage.

4   He smiled, trying to lose his irate ways and emerge as a newer, more content personality.

5   Calm yourself, your irate temper is having a negative impact on the children.

6   I have to finish this for the last thing I want on a Sunday morning is an irate call from my boss.



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