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Mnemonic Dictionary


Mnemonic – kindly light or start a fire


Word – Kindle



a) light or start a fire

b) ignite


Part of Speech – verb


Synonyms – blaze, burn, inflame


Antonyms – extinguish, smother, put out


Kindle sentences

1   We must kindle the light of knowledge through education campaigns and volunteering to educate the poor.

2   The wood was moist in after the morning dew and she had difficulty trying to kindle the campfire.

3   The dictator vowed to kindle the flames of progress and lead his people into prosperity.

4   Its a bad idea to re-kindle the flames with your one time sweetheart if she has moved on with her life.

5   The quickest way to kindle an argument is to rub two opposing opinions together.

6   With tears in his eyes he lifted the burning to kindle the funeral pyre of his dead son.


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