Log Meaning | Log Mnemonic


Log Synonyms: record, register

Log Sentence: The journalist kept a log of all the events he had covered in his life.


Under The Lens: Various Forms and Meanings of Log

We learnt in the video that log is a record of day to day activities. You probably already know that the word log can also refer to ‘a segment of the trunk of the tree when devoid of branches’. Another meaning of log is ‘a written record of messages sent and received’. Yet another is ‘a written record of events on a voyage’. Log is also an instrument used for measuring the speed of a ship. In mathematics log is the short form for logarithm.

Besides the above mentioned meanings of log as a noun, the word log is also used as a verb. Log means to cut trees into logs. It may also mean to enter an entry into a log (record of activities).



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